Resolving to Talk Resolutions

It’s January.  It’s 2013.  Need I say more?  This week, we want to talk about resolutions, of course!

Do you make them?  Do you break them?  Do you love, hate, or exist blissfully indifferent to them?  My own experience is that resolutions are hard to avoid, the same way that New Year’s is.  You can stay home and close the blinds, but aware you will be that the old year has passed and that a new year is coming.  Whether you hear firecrackers outside your window at midnight or not, you know that there’s a celebration going on, and that it’s happening for a reason.  Even the most navel-gazing averse among us are prone to reflection come January.

So 4Mothers will share our thoughts on resolutions, and we hope you’ll share yours.  Be it resolved!


3 thoughts on “Resolving to Talk Resolutions

  1. I love the new year. A chance to set goals and aspirations. I firmly believe resolutions should be 1, positive and 2, something you are excited and passionate about incorporating into your life for that year.

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