Accepting It

This year I have decided not to make any resolutions because I resolved a few months ago to accept who I am.

I am not going to be 5 pounds thinner, or learn to cook complex meals, I am not going to stop muttering obscenities under my breath when I get blocked in by the garbage truck, or raging in my head when it takes the boys more than 15 minutes to get their winter coats on.

I am not going to like eating broccoli because it is good for me, or squeeze more time out of an already over-scheduled day to commit to a regular morning yoga practice.  I am not going to start clipping coupons to save a few dollars or stop fastidiously making my bed every morning to create time for more meaningful things.

I am not going to stop picking at my nails or obsessing about the wrinkle on my forehead that seems to be spawning miniature versions of itself at the corner of my eyes.

What I am going to do is try to give myself a break.  I excel at nitpicking my flaws.  I know this. I don’t need a turn of the calendar to remind me to self-reflect.

I am not about to hunker down with a bag of Oreos, unleash a string of profanity and call it a day, but I am going to give myself permission to be myself.

Damaged cuticles, restaurant take-away, wrinkle cream and all.



6 thoughts on “Accepting It

  1. Hi Hunni,
    Love your blog and this post is so true ! I keep looking at young twenty year olds and envying their fresh faces , wrinkle free, glowing complexions and perfect figures….
    But then I think you know what ? No woman has actually lived a proper full on life until they have had kids, and it shows on your face the “all or nothing” life you are leading !
    So what if I have stretch marks that make my bottom look like the map of England?
    I cant actually see them unless I half turn round in the full length mirror which I very rarely do and anyway they are little memories of the wonderful children Ive carried and created…..
    Not forgetting to mention the grey hair and bags to hold a full weeks shopping under my eyes! All said and done our kids think we are their heroes so we must be doing something right …..
    Im with you Love yourself and be your own best friend !!
    We know were giving it our all and trying our best !
    Huge pat on the back from me to you xx

  2. Love this post! I too have crazy wrinkles (around my eyes). They are from smiling so much. At least they have stories to tell. No stress – there’s always photoshop 🙂

  3. Love this! I turned 40 this year and have FINALLY decided to just be nice to myself. 🙂 My New Year’s Resolution? Less is more. Love the blog, by the way!!

  4. Hello! since self-acceptance has come up as a theme this week, I thought I’d share a photo project I have just launched in Australia via my blog. I’m inviting women to post photo-portraits of themselves to my facebook page, Red Lily Well Being to create a new idea of beautiful for us all. I thought you lovely Canadian women might like this one. Tricia x

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