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office-625893_640A Letter to My Pregnant Child-less Self

Do you ever wish that you could sit down with your pregnant-for-the-first time self and just lay it all on the line?  Forget all those feel good books fairy-tale dillusions – what would you say? Scary Mommy posted this “letter” to her pregnant, childless self and it’s very funny in that eating crow sort of way.


When Nathalie sent this to me, I laughed so hard that my stomach ached.  I never thought that I would say vagina and chicken in the same breath . . . a sign that I live a sheltered life or just happen to be more skilled at smart phone typing than some.  Full disclosure: I am not responsible should you snort-laugh aloud and make a fool of yourself.

Let your imagination run away

It never ceases to amaze me how imaginative kids are.  My middle and youngest sons have vivid imaginations that have led to many hours of creative play, bizarre accents, dress-up, fake moustaches and even “fake” friends.  Pickle Me This blogged about the magical fairy door,  and 52 Create has a great series on the surprises she leaves outside of hers.  I implore you to let your imagination run away from you.  The possibilities are endless!


Has anyone ever told you look just like someone?  Joanna Goddard posted this while back highlighting Canadian photographer Francois Brunelle’s unique international exhibit.  He photographs pairs that look almost identical but get this, they are not every related!  You have to click on this to believe it!

Has anyone ever told you that you look like someone else?  As someone who has never been told that they look anyone, I am curious to know!


Marcelle sent me this You Tube clip of what could easily be the most elaborate proposal I have ever seen (not that I have seen many, or any for that matter, if I don’t include my own) but all I can say is thank goodness she said yes!


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  1. Great picks! I had slight second-hand embarrassment during the proposal but it all worked out :). Your boys really do have have amazing imaginations, it is fun to be a part of pirate stories and phone calls to Musance (sp??)

  2. I think you’d almost have to say yes in the moment and then retract in a more quiet moment! (Although I loved watching this, I am very, very grateful that my husband proposed in a much quieter and more private fashion!) I loved the letter–it made me laugh out loud. And yes, I have been told I look like someone several times (that is, a celebrity comparison–I hear more regularly that I look like my sister and my older daughter)–I don’t see it, but it’s a flattering comparison, so I’ll take it!

  3. Gotta love autocorrect. “What would you rather have?” I think I just woke up the baby trying not to lol (and failing)

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