First, We Take Manhattan, Then We Take a Nap

Do you plan out an itinerary obsessively before you travel?  I’ve spent days and days planning a three-day trip with the kids to New York.  Pretty soon, I will have spent more time planning the trip than I will spend being there.  And the itinerary: it’s nuts.  I have us visiting six museums in three days.  This is clearly super-human and not at all desirable (we do actually want to see what’s in the museums, after all, and not just run through them).  But my eyes are so very much bigger than my stomach.

This is one of our days:


Grand Central Station

Library Way (East 41st St @ 5th Avenue)

10:00 New York Public Library (5th Ave & East 42nd St)

10:30 Morgan Library (225 Madison Ave @ East 36th St) $45

12:00 Lunch @ Dean’s (pizza, 2nd Ave between 42 and 43rd)

1:30-3:00 Meet at MOMA Sculpture Garden

MOMA ($25, kids free)

FAO Schwarz

Nintendo World

LEGO store

Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art?


Times Square after dark

I’m exhausted already, and I haven’t even begun to pack!

2 thoughts on “First, We Take Manhattan, Then We Take a Nap

  1. Wow! Ambitious! Good luck, and even if you miss 50% of this itinerary I think you be successful 🙂 Have fun!

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