Theme Week: Education

classroom-824120_640Once our kids head off to school they spend the better part of their day in the care of their teachers and in an environment that we hope nurtures both their intellect and their ability to develop meaningful relationships with their peers.

It’s impossible for parents not to think about their child’s education and what goes on in our schools.  As parents, it is our job to support their development and be their loudest advocate.  Now more than ever parents are aware of how important a solid foundation is for our children when it comes to academics and socialization.

For our theme this week 4Mothers will post about how we support our children’s education.  Our friend and guest blogger Kelly Quinn, the mother of two daughters living in Ottawa, will join the conversation.

We look forward to reading your thoughts, so leave a comment and let us know your opinion.


5 thoughts on “Theme Week: Education

  1. I couldnt agree more. It is actually scary that their are parents that don’t participate or advocate for their children. I learned this while fighting for EI services for my son.
    I live in a school district that stinks and private schools are beyond expensive. I have been wheeling and dealing to try and make something work. For my son and his attention span and personality he needs a private school because of the one on one attention.
    Our job is never done and we must fight and do all we can to help them become the people we know they can.
    I can write on but need to get him going.
    The “crazy”mamma

      • It always makes me sad that parents need to fight for the needs of their children. This week we are going to be suggesting the resources we use at home to support our children’s learning.

        As an aside, I am saddened to read that you feel your public schools are not up to par and that the private schools are so expensive. In my opinion schools and healthcare build the foundation of a society. I am very disheartened when I hear from so many Canadian parents that feel the public schools are failing (private is an expensive option here too) because don’t our kids deserve the best start?

  2. I can’t wait to read this week’s posts. My son just had his first birthday and I’m already wondering what we’ll do for his schooling – homeschool, public school, Montessori, Waldorf? Regardless, we’ll be wanting to supplement and support his learning and integrate it into our day-to-day.

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