Hia-Ya! A Ninja Party!

Last year it was pirates and this year it was ninjas who invaded the house in celebration of a special boy’s birthday!

Pinterest provided lots of inspiration for this ninja theme party from the decoration to the food.



Ninjago Cake


Faux Sushi roll cake


4Mothers tipped me off to these Ninjabread Men . . .


Most of the kids came in costume and joined Sensei Wu (major props to Daddy for sporting this outfit) and Fearless Nya.


The two hours went by “fast as lightning” with a variety of games that the kids loved.

The boys started by making their own ninja headbands.  I bought an extra large bandana and cut it into lengthwise strips that were the perfect size for their heads.

To keep it less messy, I opted to put out fabric markers instead of paint.


Once their headbands were tied on, the boys moved onto the photo-booth where they posed as stealth ninjas showing off their handiwork and some props in front of the Pagoda.

Thank you to Craft, Interrupted for the idea and the free downloadables!


I had pre-made ninja stars but the young ninjas were tasked with decorating them before testing out their aim at a delicately stacked collection of plastic cups.

Origami isn’t nearly as intimidating as I thought, thanks to the step-by-step tutorials that I found on You-tube.


We finished up the quieter games with Pin-The-Beard on the Sensei (thank you again to Craft, Interrupted) and moving marshmallows from bowl to cup with chopsticks.

We moved to the basement for the more active games where the boys karate chopped their way through Balsa wood and ninja-kicked weighted-down helium balloons while screaming Hia-Ya!

Then they scoured the house for the hidden ninjas (tiny ninja figurines) before heading outside to smash the piñata.

On the way out the door, the birthday boy handed out his loot-bags filled with Ninja pencils, Lego mini-figurines, Ninja-bread men and piñata candy.


It was whirl-wind of a few hours but the birthday boy had the time of his life and excitedly exclaimed that next year’s fete will be Star Wars.


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  1. Looks like it was an amazing party and a great success! Your cakes and cookies turned out great! I love the headband idea. I’m taking notes as I see this in my future :). Well done!

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