10 Things We Miss About Life Before Kids

cube-896419_640Self-explanatory, isn’t it, that title?  This theme has been peppering the blogosphere lately, and we thought we’d join the online party.

At 4Mothers, we write pretty much all the time about our kids.  This week, we thought we’d write about ourselves before our kids (although perversely, how we can’t even do this without the whole discussion being  informed by our post-children selves…).

What do you miss about your fancy-free non-parent self?  Tell us this week as you hear us tell you.

4Mothers is also delighted to announce that this month’s guest writer is Corinne Simonyi, a Toronto mother of two young children.  Corinne has years of experience writing for many of Toronto’s foremost publications including Neighbour From Hell! that was published in 2Life magazine.

22 thoughts on “10 Things We Miss About Life Before Kids

  1. Regular bathing at home; never having been pooped, peed, or vomited on, repeatedly; never having considered letting the dogs lick dirty hands and faces after a meal to help expedite cleanup; not crying at every g-d commercial and news story ever.

  2. Sleep. Never truly appreciated it. Saturday mornings spent in bed. Sleep. That’s it. Just sleep. Sorry, rough night…. 🙂

    • It is *impossible* to over-emphasize the sleep thing. Hope you’re having an easier time of it after that night, Jen.

    • 10 month old twins! Oh my goodness. Huge congratulations, and huge hope for you that you’ve got lots of support with so much kid bounty. And that sleep will one day come…

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    Having read this I just have to share from my near death bed! I miss being ill on my own! Having a two yr old bash you up the head with a nappy after you have crawled to find him was clearly a luxury I didn’t appreciate.

  4. going to the bathroom by myself and wearing great clothes. Currently my 18 month old cannot be trusted to be out of eyesite, so into the bathroom with mommy he goes. Wearing cashemere, or linen, or tweed?!? Forget about it… nothing but yoga pants these days.

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