Just Ten Things?!?

cleaning-268126_64010.  Getting dressed alone.

9.  Watching the news without my heart quickening.

8.  Allowing myself to get “sucked” into a moment without worrying about “the schedule.”

7.  Being completely naive to other people’s pee, poop, lumps, bumps, snot, phlegm and bizarre rashes.

6.   Spending less than 3-digits at the grocery store when I just run in for milk.

5.  Not having to coordinate a closet/toy room purge with weekly garbage pick up.

4.  Sleeping past 6 am, past 7 am, actually just, sleeping.

3.  Absolute quiet.

2.  Getting through a meal without the spill of a drink, a fall from a chair, or a good ol’ fashioned whine about the “things on the rice.”

1.  Walking on my kitchen floor barefooted without collecting enough crumbs to feed a small family, regardless of how many times I have swept the floor that day.

29 thoughts on “Just Ten Things?!?

    • Isn’t there something so freeing about being able to just do what you want when the moment strikes you? While I would never wish away the responsibilities that come with motherhood, there are times when I long for just seizing the moment . . . without counting hours. Enjoy your run!

    • So glad that I could make you laugh this morning! I am going to have to send your blog link to a friend who is Estonian by heritage and enjoyed a lovely trip there a few years ago.

      • Oh wow! It’s a small world! They say whatever port you go to in the world you will find an Estonian. There’s not many of them but they do get everywhere!
        I would love to hear from her.
        I love your blog.

  1. Ditto! Add privacy in the bathroom and an uninterupted phone call.
    Ladies, I adore these blogs.Thanks for finding the time to do it. My tea and 4 mothers is a sacred moment in this house albeit with my feet covered in the same as above
    Hugs to all.

    • Thank YOU for making my morning . . . my morning in the midst of fighting boys, cleaning up breakfast spills, and looking for the missing Blue Jays hat.

      Might I echo your longing for bathroom privacy!!! And I gave up on phone calls a long, long time ago. 😦

  2. i have meant to give you a book rec I am in the middle of it . it is by one of my favourite authors….

    Lots of candles plenty of cake. Anna Quindlen.book it in the library system Reminds me of all of you, just a bit older after all of these stages have passed.
    Phew, wanted to share that book with you all for a while.

    • Two down and one to go for me! When I go places with just the older two, I feel a sense of freedom . . . no fidgeting with the carseats (they can do it themselves), no folding up a stroller or worrying that they are going to dart away from me in a parking lot . . . .small victories!

  3. Being able to go into a store without having to drag kids along. Going for a run because I feel like it. Not having to coordinate life around a nap schedule. Peeing in private!


  4. My mother tells me she always looked forward to the day when she could sleep in and not get up at 7am every morning. When the 5th boy finally moved out of the house and that day finally arrived, she was flustered by the fact that she no longer had the ability to sleep in!

    And then she realized that she’d trade away all of the crumbless floors, quiet solitude, freedom of sponteneity, organized closets and cupboards and toys, and privacy for us to come move back in.

    (She doesn’t, however, claim to miss the poop, spit, vomit, pee, etc.!)

    • Don’t I know it, Ted. Don’t I know it. I already miss all of these things when I am apart from them for a few days. As much as my life has changed (for the better), I wouldn’t trade any of these things for everything my kids have taught me about life, love and human kindness.

  5. EXCELLENT!! HAHA! the crumbs one is just so true, I can’t explain enough how true it is, my dyson is my best friend, and I am an avid ”hoover user” now i’m a mother, once a day if not more. xxx

  6. #1… how about sitting on a couch and not feeling all those crumbs that got stuck in between? 🙂

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