10 Things I Miss About Life Before Kids (Or Maybe Nine)

female-832266_64010.  My breasts.  Victoria Secret would never have come knocking, but I liked them.

9.  Jumping on trampolines.  Okay, I never did that much of this, but I miss taking for granted that my internal machinery could handle this.  I tried joining my son on a trampoline after having two kids, and it was not. a. good. idea.

8.  Saying “Sure, I’d love to go for a drink after work.”  The unbridled freedom of it.

7.  Actually drinking said drink.  I’m on a self-imposed abstinence from alcohol while pregnant and nursing, which means I have been bone dry for five years.  Want to come over and watch me crawl under the table after my first two post-children glasses of wine?

6.  The invisible protective layer that Nathalie once commented about.  The one that made it possible to listen to the news and country songs with a dry eye.

5.  Sleep, and being the boss over my sleep, even if I got too little.  Almost too obvious to mention, but too mammoth not to.

4.  Not being a primary role model to anyone.  Related:  being able to swear without essentially offering a “how to” tutorial to little ears.

3.  Seeing half an hour as 30 minutes, rather than as a significant opportunity.

2.  Looking at random children, without feeling somehow invested in each one.

1.  Not so very much, if I am honest.  Life before kids wasn’t such a cakewalk as I recall, it just had other challenges.  And being a mother (provided I am not on my knees begging for mercy) is the best gig in town.


11 thoughts on “10 Things I Miss About Life Before Kids (Or Maybe Nine)

  1. Love 7, love 3, but most of all love #1. Even with all the bodily functions- is there anything more entertaining than diaper war stories? 🙂 having kids is exhausting, hilarious, and fun.

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  3. Thank you for number 1. I’ve been a mum now for just over a month and it’s been hard so far. After reading the first 9 things I wasn’t feeling so good. But number 1 really gave me some optimism. Thanks.

    • Number 1 is my favourite too. That early period of transition with baby was so hard for me too, but it got easier, and I hope that upward curve comes your way soon. Best wishes, Maryse.

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