10 Things I Miss about My Life Pre-Kids by Corinne Simonyi

woman-918981_640I wouldn’t trade my life as a stay-at-home mom to Hugo, 4, and Anna, 2, for anything. But occasionally I am wistful for the halcyon days when time with my husband didn’t require a “date night,” and doorknobs weren’t coated in a sticky film. Herewith, 10 of the things I pine for most:

 1. Sleeping through the night. Sleeping in on weekends.

2.  Going to the bathroom without an audience.

3.  Speaking on the phone without a (very loud) audience. Not having to preface every call I make with, “Sometimes mommies need to talk on the phone. If you can’t be quiet while I’m on the phone, I’m going to have to go upstairs to make this call.”

4.  Cooking dinner without two “sous-chefs”—and with the full use of both my arms.

5.  Restaurant meals that don’t begin with stern warnings to my dinner companions that, “If you shout, run around, or throw food, we’re going straight home!”

6.  Air travel being a few hours to zone out and watch movies, rather than never-ending, torturous confinement with sticky, squirrely savages (and I don’t just mean the other passengers).

7.  Control over my tears during sad movies/sad songs/sad news reels/questionably sad commercials.

8.  Shopping for myself without the use of a mouse. Grocery store trips that don’t dissolve into chaos, and end with me convincing myself that Grocery Gateway isn’t that much more expensive.

9.  A reliable bladder.

10.   A time when threats and bribes were the stuff of gangster films, rather than my fallback parenting techniques!

11 thoughts on “10 Things I Miss about My Life Pre-Kids by Corinne Simonyi

    • I once had to ask for the cheque, bundle up the kids, and beat it out of a restaurant with our order in boxes! It was such a scene of chaos. Then, of course, I was halfway up the street when I realized my son was only wearing one shoe…

    • Yes, I’m sure privacy in the bathroom is but a distant memory for you, Beth-Anne! I’ve actually started closing the door sometimes–I sneak off when the kids seem really engaged in something. Generally, though, they end up realizing where I am, and talking to me from the other side of the door.

  1. I’m really liking the “10 things I miss about my pre-kids life” … I’m a new mom to my 3.5 months old baby girl and I’m already kind of missing certain things here and there. But that doesn’t mean I regret having decided wanting to be a mom 🙂

  2. My almost one year just learnt to bang the bathroom door sadly with his head, mama has to open the door now 😦

  3. Wow this post spoke to me! I feel your pain! I love my 16 month old son but I do miss those old days…. Lol!:) take care and thank you for blogging such an honest blog!:)

  4. I have been lamenting #2 for weeks. Even sneaked out of the living room yesterday during slack jawed watching of cartoons and was sought 3 minutes later. Oh, well.

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