The Morning Message

breakfast-923928_640Mornings are notoriously hectic for most families.  Parents are rushing out the door to work, children are being shuffled to school and there is a general sense of urgency for most of us.  I say most of us, because I know that there are some families who have found a way to find calm in the midst of the morning rush.

We are not that family.  Breakfast is like a short order diner.  Clothing peppers the counters and back-packs lay on the floor in various states of packed.

The boys have a lot of jobs to do in the morning.  Before they come the stairs they must complete T.B.C.

T=  teeth (brush them!)

B = bed (make it!)

C = clothes (put them on!)

While their father and I whip up breakfast, the older two unload the dishwasher and are generally underfoot until one of us, shoos them to the table and out of our way.

In an effort to mitigate some of the morning madness, I write the boys a morning message.  The message is off to the side, so they are out of the way of the kitchen but close by so that I can listen with one ear as they read.

The message has proven successful.  The boys stay out of the kitchen and occupied while learning about the goings-on of the day.  A draw-back is that it is yet another thing to check off the list before you head upstairs to bed at night, but I see the boys developing their independence and confidence so consider it worth it.  It may take a reminder here and there but I have absolved myself from prepping for their activities.

A few of my friends do this with dry-erase boards or old-fashioned paper and pen but I like to do mine on the computer.  Either way, the kids find it empowering (and they get to practice their reading!) and organize themselves for the rest of the day.

Here’s an example of the morning message:

Good Morning, Boys!

Today is Tuesday, March 3.

The weather is calling for rain.  What will you wear to school?

David, today you have a lunch date with your friend Brian.  After school is your art class.  I wonder what you will make today?

Kyle, after lunch your friend Miller is coming over to play.  What do you have planned?  After dinner you have swimming lessons.  Make sure your bag is packed.

Today is garbage day, so don’t forget to bring in the bins!

Have a great day.

I love you!


Do you write a morning message?  How do you cope with the morning hustle and bustle? 

6 thoughts on “The Morning Message

  1. That sounds lovely! Paper messages have always been an uneasy thing when I was growing up. If my Mom left a message, it was a list of chores I had to get done that day. If my Dad left a message, it meant that he went somewhere and it was usually just a phone number where I could reach him or someone close by that could help. I think the questions are sweet. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. The notes sound like a great idea – we don’t do that at our house but I can see how that would help them feel empowered.
    Our mornings used to be like a strict marching band – the same routine in the same order every single day. it led to a lot of unhappy little people, and me. Something changed about a year ago – I think it was a bit of a gradual shift and it seems to be working. Though we only have about an hour together in the morning, it’s fairly relaxed, the timelines aren’t quite as strict, and the kids are happier and more responsive as a result. But I’mma start thinking about the wipe board!

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