Yup, I am Old: 5 Signs You Know That You Are The “Mom” in Miami

city-574236_640I just got back from a much needed mommy-weekend get-away to Miami.  As a stay-at-home mom, I chose to look at this as a “work conference” rather than a desperate attempt to finally pee in privacy.  We sat around the pool and chatted about our kids, struggles we are working through, and parenting strategies.  That covers off the conference part of the trip.

We also discussed very important topics such as classic printed fabrics like Pucci and Pulitzer, taming frizzy hair, the perfect white jeans and miracle face creams.

Add some sun, sand and delicious food, and it can only be described as glorious.  A much need respite from the every day.

However I did learn no matter how far I travel, that I can take the girl out of the mothering but I can’t take the mothering out of the girl.

Here are 5 reasons how I know that I am the Mom in Miami:

1:  I want to ask every other girl if she is aware that she has walked out of the house without her pants.
2:  Instead of coveting the sky-high heels worn by 20-something wanna-be reality starlets, I am tsking them.  Do they know the damage that they are causing to their backs?  Don’t get me started on cramped toe-boxes.  Say hello to bunions in ten years time.
3:  I care less about the alcohol percentage of a drink than I do of the SPF level of my sunscreen.
4:  I much prefer to enjoy my cocktails poolside in the afternoon than at the club where the clocks tick past midnight.  When I am awake at 1 am, I am usually cleaning vomit from bedsheets.
5:  I notice the squishy, doughy thighs of a toddler cruising the beach with her bathing suit tucked up her bum before the rippled, muscle chest of the GQ model jogging on the sand.


11 thoughts on “Yup, I am Old: 5 Signs You Know That You Are The “Mom” in Miami

  1. Yup, you are definately esconced in Motherhood forever – not a bad place to be 🙂
    Love your blogs BA – always so truthfully amusing or sensitively educational.
    Love Auntie Judy

    • I was feeling very old and prudish . . . but also dignified. I hadn’t seen so many breast hanging out since my time on the 7th floor, post-labour and delivery!

  2. Beth-Anne, loving your blog! Glad you had a great trip. I’m not a mother, but I’m with you on the footwear, and ever so glad you weren’t tempted to join the stiletto crowd! 😉

  3. Well at least you noticed me jogging on the each at some point.

    In all seriousness, sounds like a great getaway (and much needed!). Funny how things change…

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