Stickers, Post-its and Me

When I was a schoolgirl in Liberia, Haiti, and Saudi Arabia, stickers were in short supply.   This created in me a tendency to covet and hoard the things, and I’m afraid it’s a tendency that, at the ripe old age of 42, I have not outgrown.  I buy oodles of the things “for my children,” who often don’t even give them a second glance.  Star Wars, Lego, knights and Harry Potter stickers are all over the place, still in their original states.  You’d think I’d be able to bin the things, or at least pass them on to kids who will enjoy them, but I have a hard time parting with them.

And, I’ll be honest with you here, one of the reasons that I buy the Sandra Boynton Family Calendar even after switching to a digital family calendar is that you get, not one, but two sheets of stickers to play with.  Dancing rhinos!  Happy chickens!!  Grinning pigs!!!

Having identified this sticker-deprived trauma from my youth, and my continuing tendency to hoard them, I am now ready to identify the root causes of my Post-It addiction.  I could open my own Staples store with the pile of Post-Its I have accumulated.  Am I ready to stop?  To end the Post-It addiction?  The hell I am.  There are spring colours available.

imgres-1Imagine my delight when Post-it sent us samples from their latest line: Post-it Mobile.  Just when I thought the Post-it world could get no better than spring hues, they go and make them easy to carry around!  We divvied up the loot: Carol swears by the pen/highlighter/flourescent flag combo, Beth-Anne swooned over the Attach and Go Dispenser, and my kids finally showed their genetic material in the love of sticky things department when they fought over the Attach and Go Dispenser with a clip to attach to a backpack.  I’m telling you, blood was nearly spilled.

And I selflessly let them nearly spill it.  I let it go.  There should definitely be some kind of parenting award for that.  Even better than that, when the youngest and I were in the coffee shop for our weekly-pre-library treat, we saw a university student use up her last Post-it flag as she was studying for her finals.  Oh, I thought, I have a cure for that!  Not to brag or anything, but I think I made her day (and very probably improved her exam mark) when I handed over a pristine stack of Post-it Flags.  Her smile lit up the room.

The world is just better with Post-its.


7 thoughts on “Stickers, Post-its and Me

  1. I absolutely love stationery. I cannot get enough of it. I think it’s because it’s the one thing from my childhood that I didn’t need to share with my younger brothers and sisters so I could keep it in usable shape.

  2. I have tons of stationary and stickers at home. I think now I am keeping them for my future kids, perhaps? I just can’t get rid of it.
    And Post-Its, oh I could not get through a day at work without them! 🙂

    • Like you, I think I use them daily. I remember a decorator on an HGTV show justifying the high cost of a door handle, saying, “You will touch it every day.” This has to be your mantra in the Post-it aisle: I will use them every day…

  3. I am especially fond of wandering down the school/office suppiles aisle and I have no school age children anymore 😦 and I don’t work in an office nor am I a writer. Thank goodness one still needs a pen or paperclips or a post note or two now and then.

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