Best Advice: Use soap.

IMG_2610Whenever I do these interviews with the boys, I am always struck by how their individual personalities are so evident in their answers.  The oldest is more reflective and thinks about each question before giving his answer.  The middle answers immediately after hearing the question, rarely thinking about his answer and when nothing comes to him, he says pass with such authority that I can’t help but fire the next question.  The youngest (2.5 yrs) was more interested in pounding on the keyboard than giving thought-provoking, sensitive responses.  Go figure.

What is the most important thing about being a brother?

–        To take care of your little brother.  (5 yr old)

–        To be nice to each other. (6 yr old)

What is the hardest thing about being a brother?

–        Making sure that your little brother doesn’t run away from your mom. (5 yr old)

–        Taking care of every body. (6 yr old)

What is the best thing about being a brother?

–        Playing with each other. (5 yr old)

–        I like playing with them a lot. (6 yr old)

What’s the best thing your brother(s) taught you?

–        Pass. (5 yr old)

–        How to do a flip on the hanging ropes and how to do a motor mouth. (6 yr old)

How are you like your brother(s)?

–        We like the same games. (5 yr old)

–        We have the same shirts. (6 yr old)

How are you different?

–        We like different games. (5 yr old) (Apparently “games” are quite defining!)

–        One of us has brown eyes and the two of us have blue eyes.

What is the most annoying thing about your brother(s)?

–        The little one bugs me when I am playing with my Lego and breaks it. (5 yr old) (A significant source of stress in our household!)

–        When he fights with me. (6 yr old).

What is the best advice your brother(s) gave you?

–        Use soap. (5 yr old) (Words to live by!)

What is your favourite thing to do with your brother(s)?

– Play outside with them. (5 yr old)

– Play on the ropes with them. (6 yr old)

What is one of your favourite memories of your brother(s)?

–        Pass. (5 yr old)

–        I like going on rides with him and having sleep-overs with him. (6 yr old)

What advice would you give to someone who is about to become a brother?

–        That you are going to be a big brother. (5 yr old) (Obviously!)

–        It takes a lot to care for a brother. (6 yr old)


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  1. “Use soap” is good, good advice. Especially on the face. Especially after breakfast, when brushing teeth so that Mom does not have to do a spit bath every blessed morning at the traffic light while we wait to cross the street.

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