I Have More Long Arms and a Poem to Go With It

2012_02 - various 139I have only the answers of my recently turned 7 year old for this questionnaire, because I forgot to ask my four year old before he went to bed.  But I hope the 7 year old answers will be enough.

I enjoy doing these questionnaires with my boys, but confess this is the first one where my son broke into song (and even one poem) after answering almost every question.  I have marked these in italics.

Sources of this behaviour:

1.  He goes to a musical drama class.

2.  His school is in the midst of performing their annual rendition of A Midsummer’s Night Dream.  (Note:  today he didn’t want to perform in the play after school (one of several shows), and I didn’t make him.  We’ve been very busy, he had his first soccer practice anyway, his brothers would not have wanted to watch, and I was tired.  (Mama Police, do your worst, but I’m fine with it.)

3.  Me, of course.   I routinely make up “songs” for fun and communication, and I try to rhyme.  Even my husband occasionally joins in.  When he and I were preparing for a school meeting about our son, my husband said:  “Sure he’s weird.  We’re weird.”

You’ve had the sage and loving answers from Nathalie’s and Beth-Anne’s sons.  It’s time for something different now.


What is the most important thing about being a brother?

The most important thing about being a brother is that I like helping my brothers do stuff because I love them.  In a certain way.

[Sam had a song and sang it, but I did not type it as he sang.  It was about a boy with brothers and a mom and dad who lived in Canada.]  

What is the hardest thing about being a brother?

The hardest things about being a brother is I get into fights with my younger brother N, and R can sometimes cry and that’s why I have a song:

I have a brother sweet and soft

But they can be naughty

My little brother wails out loud – wah!

Then my other brother who is 4

He takes stuff that’s mine

And I don’t like that plus I get into fights with him!

What is the best thing about being a brother?

The best thing about being a brother is that I can help my two brothers and there’s a song that goes with it.

If you please to be a big brother

Or a big sister

And you love to be a hero when they hurt themselves

Just as you can be

Just a spoonful of sugar

That’s what they love doing

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!

What’s the best thing your brother(s) taught you?

The best thing my brother taught me is that you can use scribbling as good drawings.  And there is a song that goes with it:

If you are two or four

You can be so helpful

But you can also if you like this

The best thing that my brother taught is that scribbling can be good drawings.

There was eight little humbirds singing and then there was  a baby

And then there was another one and then there was another one together with the mom and dad

And then another one came born on [birthdate of baby brother], the second one was born on [birthdate of other brother] and the first one was born on [his own birthdate].  But then they grew bigger and bigger and bigger. 

How are you like your brother(s)?

I’m similar to them because I have the same eye colour and we have brown skin.

How are you different?

I have shorter hair than all of them and I’m taller and I’m bigger and I have more long arms.  I also have a poem that goes with it.

I have a poem I like to share

Long ago but not too fair

There was a big man do not fair

He was a very jolly man you could see

Plus you could see what he

There is a very big —

I’m not alike with my brothers, I do declare,

Theseus …

What is the most annoying thing about your brother(s)?

The annoyingest thing is that they take my stuff and be weird and cry.  Like this:  Wah!  Wah!

What is the worst trouble your brother(s) got into?

He got me into trouble where I lied to him.

What is your favourite thing to do with your brother(s)?

My favourite thing to do is play gagaball.

What is one of your favourite memories of your brother(s)?

My favourite memory is when my brother was born.


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