Rainy-Day Activities

April showers bring May flowers, but it’s hard to sell that payoff to stir-crazy kids.  And what do you say when it’s May and not showers but downpours?!  Here are some ideas for rainy-day activities at home.


I made meringues with my littlest recently, and it surprised me how much fun I had.  I’m really not a hands-on crafty mama, and cooking with kids does not rank high on my list of relaxing, stress-free activities, but this one brought the teacher out in me!  A lot of interesting science goes into transforming egg whites into meringues, and we talked about liquids and solids, transparent and opaque, and how much of an effect air can have on a simple thing like an egg white.  Also, the final product is a treat, but not so much of a treat that you have to begrudge them seconds of their culinary masterpieces!


I cried “Uncle!” last week and called off all activities, classes, playdates and visits for two days.  We all got into pajamas by 5 (!) and then burrowed under a pile of books.  There was no particular stressor (rainstorms aside).  It’s just that time of year.  (Read this hilarious post about end of term burnout that went viral last week.)


Nothing beats a fort on a rainy day/pajama day/not going anywhere today day.  Today’s Parent has a fun set of indoor forts to try.  They range from basic to artistic.  Let us know if any of you tackle the newspaper fort!