75 Most Influential Canadian Mom Blogs

imgres-3Yesterday SavvyMom released their curated list of the 75 Most Influential Canadian Mom Blogs and we are very happy to tell you that 4Mothers was included on that list!
When we started 4Mothers in 2010, we hoped to create a virtual water cooler for parents to gather around. With each post that we write, we strive to start a conversation that serves to enlighten, challenge, amuse or inspire parents.  It is our hope that you look forward to checking in with us each day to read what’s new and share your thoughts and opinions with the 4Mothers community.  It gives us great joy to read your comments and to know that we have been successful in creating a discussion.  We thank you for reading 4Mothers every day.  Your support and encouragement keeps us writing!
We would like to thank SavvyMom for adding us to this impressive list of Canadian content.   We are so proud to be a part of this list!

2 thoughts on “75 Most Influential Canadian Mom Blogs

  1. Way to go, ladies!! I love reading your blogs every morning. Love how what started as a “what if” has turned into such a “you bet!”

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