Mama Knows Best!

father-656734_640Mama knows best!

So the saying goes but where did she learn everything?  Sure she has read her share of books, spent countless hours Googling the Internet for information and made countless phone calls to her own mother but chances are, Mama has learned a thing or two about parenting from Papa.

Often times dads get a bad rap.  Either portrayed in the media as the stumbling, bumbling Doofus incapable of organizing car-pool and changing diapers or else as the broody, hands-off authoritarian, it is not common to find mainstream examples of dads holding their own in the childrearing arena.

This week 4Mothers will pay homage to their fabulous husbands and share what they have learned about parenting from watching these dads in action with their sons.

We welcome Sarah Hartell as the guest blogger for the month.

Sarah lives in Ottawa with her husband Dave and three children – 6 year-old Elliott and three and a half year old twins Adeleine and Isaac.  She works on Parliament Hill by day, teaches prenatal classes by night and loves her bike, home renos and her community.  She blogs about day-to-day life with her crew at – a blog that is read mainly (ONLY?!?) by grandparents and relatives living far away.

We thank Sarah for joining the conversation this month and encourage you to let us know what have you learned about parenting from watching the fathers in your life?


One thought on “Mama Knows Best!

  1. I love how differently dads do things. One stay-at-home father I know was training for a triathlon so did he wait for his wife to come home from work to go for a run? No, he put the four year old and six year old on their bikes on a busy city (right next to a river), cycle path and ran laps around the adjoining oval. I guess he managed to keep enough of a watch on them as nothing bad happened. How many mothers would do this?

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