Sinful Confessions

oreos-925659_640Do you sneak-eat cookies in the pantry while insisting the kids have had their fill?  Do you lie to the other moms and tell them that you made the cupcakes for the bake sale while crunching the receipt from the bakery in your pocket?  Or maybe you are more like blogger Yoonanimous and hide out in your car reading the mail, doing your nails and listening to music while parked in the driveway?

Over at Huffington Post a feature called Scary Mommy Confessions: Share Your Secrets With the Stress-Less Parenting Club is getting all sorts of attention.  The confessions are not of the pity-party variety nor are they a litany of rants about the trials of mothering but more of the quirky things that parents do to get through the days.

Mothers share their “sins” and let go of the guilt.  Personally I commend the resourcefulness of the mother who signed up for a gym membership just for the free babysitting so that she could skip the workout in favour of an uninterrupted shower.

This week 4Mothers will be sharing some of their secret mom confessions.  Guest, Sarah Hartell, will be joining the conversation with her post on Friday.

Sarah lives in Ottawa with her husband Dave and three children – six-year old Elliott and 3 1/2 year old twins Adeleine & Isaac.   She works on Parliament Hill by day, teaches prenatal classes by night and loves her bike, home renos and her community.   She blogs about day-to-day life with her crew at – a blog that is read mainly (ONLY?!?) by grandparents and relatives living far away.

What are some of your secret mom confessions? 



10 thoughts on “Sinful Confessions

  1. My 3 year old daughter is home with me all day. Our days are jam packed with pretend princess tea parties, and high pitched Barbie voice overs for random toys. Non. Stop. 3 year old shenanigans. My escapes – should I need them – are found in ‘pretend’ bathroom breaks. She’ll knock and ask if I’m done (interrupting my game of Soltaire Blitz, and moments of magazine bliss).

  2. Weeeelllll, I offer to take the toddler to bed, because it means I can stay lying in bed for an hour or so after she has gone to sleep so I can catch up on comments and posts using my blackberry, leaving my husband to take care of our 8 year old son till it’s his bed time 🙂

    and I hide my potato chips!

  3. Reblogged this on Sourdough Lifestyle and commented:
    Love this! I think I have done all those things named in this blog post. We joined the local YMCA so we could have dates with free babysitting (playing racquetball). I’ve even napped in the car because the kid fell asleep on the way home (and made phone calls, and checked the mail, read my new magazine, etc). And Netflix on the ipod is the only way I survived early mornings (not a morning person to begin with here) during pregnancy #2 (hey, if she’s a temporary zombie, she’s not wreaking havoc all over the house, and I get an extra hour of sleep–mindful use of technology, people).

    Anyone else?

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