Summer Make-Up

Summer is here and my heavier clothes have officially migrated to the back of the closet.  For me, summer fashion is all about white dresses, wrinkled linen and polished toes.  Instead of the dull grays and navy blues that punctuate my winter wardrobe my summer clothes represent the opposite side of the colour spectrum: whites, pale pinks and pastel blues.

Basically I go from one very conservative palette to another.

Last month Canadian make-up company, Make Up Forever sent me samples from their award-winning line Aqua Summer 2013.  Known for their vibrant colours, this line is no exception and just what’s needed to add some extra punch to my summer look (and to distract from my frizzy hair).

The Aqua lip pencil in Pomegranate Pink outlines the lip with a precise, smooth line but I prefer to fill in my lips and add shine with the Aqua Rouge clear gloss.  The lip rogue saturates with high-intensity colour but it can be drying without reapplication of the gloss, so be sure to stash it in your purse even though the colour will not fade.

Aqua Rouge #18

If you are lusting after the mod styles from the Mad Men era give the Aqua Eyes a try.  The Pearly Pastel Green is quite pretty and when used sparingly is subtle but should you be more creative and adventurous than I am, this colour could be much more dramatic.

Aqua Cream #53

Toronto’s summers are notoriously humid so make-up that promises to stick often disappoints and the results are not pretty but because Make-Up Forever is developed by people much smarter than me, it lives up to the promise of long lasting wear.

And for your viewing pleasure here is a shot of me with the lips and eyes post work-out doing my very best “selfie”.  I never take pictures of myself (one just needs to scan our family photos for evidence) and now I know why – taking pictures of myself with my phone = unflattering!  I couldn’t quite smile while operating the camera at the same time!  🙂


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    • The picture doesn’t really show it well. It’s vibrant and lots of fun! I am not sure about Shoppers but definitely at Sephora. The eye colour is amazing! It doesn’t smudge or “melt” in the heat. When I put it on for a dinner, I really over-did it and it looked great.

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