Volunteering: How Much Is Just Right?

hands-543593__180Almost everyone volunteer for something at some time.  And when we become parents, it can seem like the requests multiply like rabbits.  Can you coach the soccer/hockey/ultimate/hula hoop team?  Can you bake for the kids’ events?  Can you donate your services to the fundraiser?  Can you work on parent council?  Can you attend with your child to serve dinner at the local shelter?

How often do you say yes?  And when you do, does it feel great or grating?  When you say no, do you feel satisfied or selfish?  Is volunteering a way to contribute meaningfully to the community in which you belong, or a ruse by which your time is siphoned away from the things most dear to you?

How much is too much, how much is too little, and how much is just right… for you?

Discuss.  4Mothers will be doing just that this week, and hope you’ll join us.


4 thoughts on “Volunteering: How Much Is Just Right?

  1. Hula hoop team? Sign me up! 😉 If I can mentor kiddos, or be a face they can trust to show up in their lives consistently, than I raise my hand willingly. It’s tough because I love time at home, in my jammies, watching movies with my family – sharing is caring I guess when it comes to my time. However, I have no problem with saying “no”! I know when I’m burnt out. Nobody wants a burnt out heart…it’s obvious when you don’t want to be there.

  2. Drawing the line…3yrs ago a group of friends and I got together for dinner and a good chat once a month “our version of book club” (books were exchanged and discussed on our way out the door with cars keys and bags in hand lol).
    A friend came up with the perfect idea – helping those in need,be it a home or charity or someone one of us came across who was in need.
    Our chats are more meaningful – our donation runs(handing out of goodies – blankets,food or clothing ) always happens on the weekends and its amazing to see our family’s joininon the giving.
    I want my boys to witness the gift of giving, in Winter we drive around running our arrends with ready made packets of rice or maize meal (popular meal in South Africa), when my little boys see someone in need on the side of the road or under a bridge …just about anywhere we roll down the window and hand them one or more packets.
    Children learn by example.
    When the time comes I aim to be class mom, I pray I’m able to be there for every sports day and sporting event.
    There is always time for giving.
    In saying this, our group varies from newly weds , soon to be mamas and busy working moms, not everyone makes it to the donation hand out but everyone always contributes in collecting of goods from family and work colleagues , we then drop it off at some who is attending.
    It works for us and we don’t all feel obligated or guilty if we don’t attend.
    We support one another in supporting those in need.

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