Going Bananas!

imgres-2Confession:  We have treats in our house.  Lots of them.  Actually we have a treat bucket and once a day the kids can choose a treat.  The bucket contains everything from gum to chocolate eggs to granola bars.

I am a firm believer in the 80/20 rule and I don’t want the boys to grow up having an unhealthy relationship with sugar.

Occasionally the treat bucket spills over into the freezer.

Knowing their love for all things monkey, the boys’ aunt gave them a box of Nestle Peelin’ Pops to add to the treat selection and it’s safe to say that they went bananas! (I am sorry, but I just had to!)

Have you seen these?  The gummy peel folds back just like a real banana to reveal a frozen vanilla centre, which they gobbled down.   What I like most about them is the size – perfect for little hands and not too much of a good thing.

It’s a messy indulgence so consider yourself warned but they’re lots of fun on a hot summer day.



4 thoughts on “Going Bananas!

  1. I have never seen these, but I had also never seen a chocolate covered banana on a stick until I went to Cedar Point (roller coaster amusement park in Sandusky, OH) and man – whew – it looked bad watching someone chow one down on a hot day. It’s quite… Hmmmm…how can I put this… Phallic.

  2. We have snacks in the evening if the kids eat their dinner, and we call them “bad snacks”. Every night they are asking for bad snacks;). I don’t know if that’s good terminology or not??! But, we’ve never tried these messy monkey things…may have to look into it:)

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