Civic Holiday

sunset-691562_640We have a long weekend in Ontario, and Monday, our extra day, is known as the ever-boring “Civic Holiday” on the calendar.  (Other provinces have names for the day off, like “Heritage Day” and “Simcoe Day.”)  Drew Hayden Taylor riffs on the namelessness in his typically tragi-comic way in a recent column about the holiday in The Globe, and while I appreciate his coming at it from a First Nations perspective, I rather yearn for a different kind of honesty in naming the day.

Family Day, whose name I simply love, is taken (February long weekend).  How about “It’s Summer and We Damn Well Want to Relax Day”?  “The Weeds are Up to My Armpits and I Have to Deal with Them Day”?  “So Many Beaches, So Little Time Day”?

What would you call it?