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imgres-1Spending time outdoors is a must during the fleeting summer months so when the rains come being stuck indoors with three boys can try the patience of a saint.

Much to the chagrin of my oldest son, I am not a craft mom.  Our craft cupboard is a sad collection of things I have picked up from the dollar store and anything that has been gifted to him over the years from his more creative aunts.  So crafting in our house only lasts so long.

Much to my chagrin, the boys don’t want to spend rainy days curled up with books for hours on end, reading silently.  In fact the only way for me to enjoy solitary, daytime reading is relaxing my “no Wii” during the weekdays rule and that is a slippery slope.

My Book About Me has proven to be this summer’s favourite rainy day past time.

My Book About Me is written by Me, Myself with some help from my friends Dr. Seuss and Roy Mc Kie.

That’s right.  Written my Me, Myself.  Or in most cases, by your child, about themselves.

The book starts off fairly benign.

First of all there is one thing you should know.

Am I a boy?

Or am I a girl?

Well, I’ll tell you.

I am a __________________ (write your answer here).

I weigh ____________ pounds.

How tall am I?  I am ______ feet, _________ inches tall.

Pages and pages capture information about the here and now of your child’s life but of course things quickly get silly in that delightful Dr. Seuss way.

I can make noises, (check all that apply)

Like a rooster

Like a dog

Like a cat

Like a goat

Like a sheep

Like a goose

Like a train

My family loves my noises. Yes or No?

The boys work away on their books independently, and every once in a while I hear a giggle or a rooster noise.

Once completed these books will hold a special place on our shelves as a snapshot of who my boys were when they were 5 and 6 years old . . .

And their wobbly, misshapen letters will continue to tug at my heartstrings long after they are too big to sit in my lap and discuss the merits of life as a giraffe.*

*I wish I were a giraffe/ I am glad I’m not a giraffe.  Check one.


8 thoughts on “My Book About Me

  1. This is too funny. I was cleaning out the basement two weeks ago and came across My Book About Me that I had from when I was a kid! It was so fun to read through all my answers from when I was so little. I immediately went to and bought a copy for both of my kids for Christmas…love that book!

    PS – I am also the worst crafting mother ever!

    • Was it hilarious to read your answers? Did you show it to the kids? Are some of your answers the same today as they were when you wrote them in the book all of those years ago?

      Ps – Solidarity! We need to stick together!!!

  2. I have two girls and two boys, ten years between my oldest daughter and my youngest son. They are young adults now, and I remember they playing and writing about themselves, in their notebooks. Recently I went through our old stuff and stumbled” over the ” book” my youngest wrote and illustrated when he was 5,
    “The girl who fell from heaven”. I showed it to him and we had a good laughter. And yes, he might publish it.

  3. Reblogged this on The Brady Bunch! and commented:
    I absolutely love this idea. I used to make homemade books “about me” with my children but this almost has a cute Mad Libs feel to it to get the kids giggling 🙂

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