Summer: It’s Not Over ‘Til It’s Over

192Like Beth-Anne, when I first thought about end of summer traditions, I kind of drew a blank.  Unlike Beth-Anne though, after much thinking on it, I’m still pretty much drawing a blank.

It’s true that every Labour Day weekend sees us at my inlaws’ cottage, and that the activities there are predictable.  We eat, cook, swim, kayak, fish, and the boys play with their cousins.

We’re also heading out to a giant waterpark the weekend after that, joining several school families for a holistic families conference there.  They have been doing this for a few years, so it may become a tradition for us.  But not yet.

I think one reason why we don’t really have end of summer traditions is because I’m not really ready to say goodbye to summer when school starts.  The weather is still hot, the garden is still growing, there’s still time to pick apples.  It’s not quite denial, it’s just that summer doesn’t quite feel over.  Maybe that’s why I had no qualms about pulling the kids out of school for two days the second week after it starts to go to the waterpark:  it’s like the end of summer hasn’t really sunk in.

And I don’t really want it to any earlier than absolutely needed.  We have a few precious warm months to enjoy up here in what will soon be a very chilly Toronto, and the detail of September and school won’t stop me from taking summer days to their outermost reach.  So happy (still) summer!


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    • Oh no! It’s a bit hazy here, but bright and warm, and we have a staggered start to school next week, so I’m still hanging on…

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