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office-625892_640Here are a few things that we have stumbled across that we think are worth sharing.  Let us know what you think!

This video made the rounds a few months ago but I first saw it via Cup of Jo.  In 2010 performance artist Marnia Abramovic sat in the MOMA and made eye contact with complete strangers who would sit directly across from her.  Without her knowing, her former lover Ulay whom she has not seen since their passionate affair ended in the 1970s, sat across from her and their reunion is here.  I was moved to tears watching their interaction and my boys, looking on, asked me if that’s how much I love their daddy.

And the survey says . . . a new study suggests that having three children is the number that induces the most stress!  Parents of one, two or even more than three children actually report less stress than mothers with three.  The reason?  It may surprise you . . .

It seems like everywhere we look we are bombarded with sexy images: music videos, magazines, T.V. shows, etc.  It used to be that these images were shocking but sadly few us even raise an eyebrow anymore.  In a culture where social media sites are flooded with pictures posted by young girls trying to emulate this “new normal” it begs the question, what does this mean for our children?  Mommy Footprint is determined to push this discussion forward. What can you do?  How can you talk to your children about our sexed up culture?  Check out this post!

Months ago Carol sent me this article about being a stay-at-home mother.  I have never read anything before that has so accurately captured my feelings of strong ambivalence about being a SAHM.  Much like the author of this post, I find myself coming out of the fog of early motherhood; for the most part sleep comes and moments of aloneness are more easily stolen.  However I feel like I am grappling with my internal compass and unsure of what lays in wait.  My thanks to you, Carol, for passing this article along.

And if there was ever a compelling message advocating the need for music, this video is it.  It’s truly inspirational to hear music played on instruments made from materials salvaged from a landfill – and it’s not just the garbage that is being saved.

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