Thank you, September Skies


Dear September Skies,

Thank you for extending yourself through the first few weeks of October.  Your flawless complexion of Columbia blue never ceases to amaze me.  Morning walks to school are welcome in your presence, and so are afternoons lazily reading on the back deck.  Like unrequited love, I find myself using any excuse to be in your audience: raking leaves becomes a joyous chore and pulling weeds from the recesses of the interlocked bricks is time spent basking in your glory.

I know that you are going to leave me and you will do so abruptly.

A grey shadow will encroach your brightness and there it will stay for months on end, only allowing your magnificence to peak through for short bursts, just when I think I have forgotten your beauty.

Thank you, September Skies.  Even though our love is one-sided, I want you to know that merely a glimpse of you fills me with happiness.




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