Cussing With Kids

I wrote on this topic earlier this year – here is a slightly modified re-post.

I swear.  Luckily, my husband swears more and unapologetically (“it’s a victim-less crime”), so I freely blame my babies’ cussing on him.  Yes, my babies cuss.  Yesterday I pulled down my youngest’s pants down to let him pee, but didn’t pull his pants away enough so he peed a little on his pants.  I had no spare pair, and anyway, if he’s going to pee in his pants, I want it to be his doing and not mine.

“Oh, shit!” said I.

“Oh, shit!” learned he.

He is not yet two.  I think this may be his fourth two-word sentence.

My older two swore as toddlers too.  And well, I might add.  “Damn” and “hell” are for the weak-kneed; I’m not referring to such sissy swearing here.  No, my kids were heavy hitters,  and when they let those cuss bombs fly, I’d observe, with a little pride, that “fuck” was always properly conjugated.

Their swearing peaked at two and three years old.  Now at 7 and 4, they’ve matured, and don’t swear anymore because they know it’s inappropriate.  Even the utterance of “stupid” will often be followed by a quick apology because, ironically, we are actually otherwise careful about how we use our words around here.  And when I drop the full dustpan or bang my hip against the counter, they’ll give me a moment before evenly telling me, “Don’t say the F word, Mom.”

I try not to, and I’ve curbed it quite a bit, but I still do.


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  1. That made me laugh so much. Your kids reminding you not to swear! It sounds like you’ve done an amazing job if they apologise for saying ‘stupid’. What lovely, well-mannered children.

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