Best New Magazine: Binky, A Lifestyle Guide To The Magic Years

imgres-1I just couldn’t wait for the next What We’re Reading post (coming Nov 15) to share with you Binky Magazine, a lifestyle guide to The Magic Years.  This e-magazine is the brainchild of Lara Teoli and Leigh Tynan, two creative, stylish and business savvy women who are also mothers to young children.

Delivered right to your inbox, Binky is not only chock-full of visual images worthy of any gallery but the inaugural issue is flush with content that mothers actually want to read.

Editor Tynan’s poignant reflection of her daughter’s first haircut will resonate with many mothers, if not for the haircut then for any evocative milestone.  Lauren Feinberg offers new mothers of twins heartfelt advice without any of the smugness of someone who has survived the first year.  Plus the photo of her two tiny, peaceful babies embracing just may be the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

As much I as I complain about the lack of wardrobe options for boys, my friends with girls lament all things pink and princess-y that assault their eyes when walking into any mainstream children’s clothing store.  Moms united in all things anti-princess will definitely enjoy Binky’s Come Together Right Now, a fashion spread featuring traditional fall wardrobe pieces of girls with a heavy tomboy influence.

To see why I am raving, grab a cuppa and enjoy Binky. 

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