Family Chess Night: The Gift of Experience

For Father’s Day this year, the kids and I gave Ted a Family Chess Night.

The two oldest had been selected for their school teams for the end-of-year chess tournaments, and with their successes we thought it would be fun to bring the competition home.  It took us until November to get the night booked, but it was well worth the wait.

We asked the kids’ wonderful chess coach from The Chess Institute of Canada to come and do a family night of chess fun for us all.  (And by “us” I mean “them” not “me”; I don’t play chess.  Yet?  This was designed to be a Dad and his boys kind of thing.)  I knew that it would be fun because I saw how my kids engaged with Yakos during chess club and during tournaments.  You could not hope to meet a more enthusiastic and supportive coach, and having presented him with the idea for a family night of chess, I was sure that he could plan activities that would work for the four chess players who live here.  He told us he was excited to have been asked, and he put together 90 minutes of games, puzzles, riddles, and a 3-on-1 match.  I observed, took photos, and reveled in seeing the boys compete with their dad for the family tournament points.

3 against 1

3 against 1

I love gifts that are experiences, and this was one of those experiences that made me grin from ear to ear all night.  Everyone had fun, everyone learned something new about chess, and we spent the evening together in a place that was not a hockey rink.  Good times!




6 thoughts on “Family Chess Night: The Gift of Experience

  1. I love gifts that are experiences and my guess is that it meant so much to Ted to spend that time with the boys doing something he (they) love. What a beautiful memory to give him (and the boys). Also, I gotta say, a good theme dessert will get me every time 🙂 FYI: Pepperidge Farm makes a cookie called Chessman. They look like chess pieces. Or grave stones -I used mine to make a Halloween graveyard cake.

  2. I love this idea! A memorable experience filled with fun and learning, the best! I”m writing this one down for my family…

    • Yakos commented that chess is the great equalizer! My dad’s eyes just about popped out if his head when my eldest first beat him at chess. He was 7, and my dad had just totally underestimated him. It’s one of the things I love about chess and the club they belong to: the life lesson aspect. Never give up; think before you act; anticipate the play.

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