Confessing Our Green Sins

protect-450596_640Among my friends and family, I kind of have a reputation being pretty green, and I sometimes get asked about my views on this green thing or that.  Recently I was interviewed by a researcher about my eco-friendly practices, and after reviewing the things I do (and don’t do) in favour of the environment, I added that there remain lots of ways I could make my life greener.  The researcher looked up with some surprise and curiosity, and asked me how?  

I realized then that talking about my environmental successes was masking my eco-shortcomings.  But we all have those, the eco-unfriendly things we know we shouldn’t do, but that we do anyway.  This week, 4Mothers are going to confess to their green sins.  Reading Root Simple‘s fantastic post called “Self-Righteousness Fail:  We Bought a Car” (which basically tells you everything), is the perfect kick-off to this week’s environmental misdemeanours as disclosed by yours truly.

One clarifying note:  this week isn’t about dissing the green movement, or waving a white flag to massive ecological degradation.  4Mothers cares about the environment.  We just wanted to talk about some opposite-of-green (what is the opposite of green?) habits that are hard to change,  even when we know they’re bad, as happens in many other areas of our lives.  Who knows?  Maybe this online confessional will plant (notice I did not say “pave”) the way to greener pastures.

Let’s talk about it.