On Getting Older

019“The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.” Robert Frost

The horizontal lines deepening on your forehead, or the slim crescent moons that bracket your smile.   Working out just to keep up with the kids, or savouring your relative strength to them while it lasts.  Feeling overlooked among the young women on the street, or striding confidently past the cluster of men.

Depending on the woman, the man, and the day, any of these experiences can feel false or true.  This week, 4Mothers discuss what it means to us to get older, whether we see it in our children, ourselves, our parents, our world.

Bigwig Oprah outed her views on it a couple of years ago; more recently I read this beautiful reflection by Karina Kenison on turning 55.  What do you think?  Join us this week as we chime in.  


3 thoughts on “On Getting Older

  1. Thank you for sharing Katrina’s truthful and positive thoughts on growing older :-). Most of what she writes is so true. I believe if we embrace each season in our lives we can focus on the good things that are in store for us, and not on what could have been. All we have is this present day, and the opportunity to make the most of it no matter how old you are. There is a wonderful book that I just read by Johann Christoph Arnold called, Rich in Years, which beautifully addresses the transition into older adulthood in an inspiring way. I love the stories he includes of real people who have overcome loneliness, dementia, disability and the fear of death especially. http://www.richinyears.com

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