Simplify? It’s too complicated!

Are you snowed under?  Staggering under the endless to do list?  Sleepless because you can’t shut off because there is so much to do at this time of year?  Dreading the crowds at the mall?  You hear the clarion call to simplify, but, really, at this point, it’s too much work!

This week, 4mothers will be writing about the pressure to simplify and how, sometimes, “simple” can be more work than … “complicated.”

We are thrilled to welcome as our guest, Kristina Cerise from Defining Motherhood.  It was her post “Gift Giving the Goldilocks Way” that inspired this week’s theme, and we are so pleased to have her contribute to our discussions.

In the mean time, please enjoy these pictures of people’s attempts to copy ideas from Pinterest.  Not everything on Pinterest is as simple or as easy as it looks….



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