One of the perks of blogging is that companies send us things to sample and to review, and while we decline many most of these offers, some of them are a lot of fun.

Snackbox is just such an offer.

Snackbox is a monthly subscription of healthy, natural snacks.  Each month the Vancouver-based company ships 10 – 12 items to its members across Canada through Canada Post.   Subscriptions start at $24 a month.  All of the snacks are curated by their in-house holistic nutritionist, and the package comes with a description of the contents and where to buy more if you enjoy them.



I received a sample box last month, and it was fun even before I opened it.  The presentation of the Snackbox is beautiful, and it was a bit of an event just to receive the box and to open it with the kids.   Inside, there was a wide variety of snacks, including dried pears, energy bars, dark chocolate and quinoa crackers.  What I particularly loved was the fact that many of the products were totally new to me, and it was an adventure to sample the various snacks.

Now, because we have so many allergies in our house, the contents were not a perfect fit for our family, but the good news is that the company is working on a flexible plan for members to customize the boxes.

Snackbox is offering 4Mothers1blog readers a chance to win a one-month subscription.  If you’d like a chance to win a sample Snackbox, please leave us a comment on this post saying you’d like to enter, and we will draw for a winner.  The giveaway will be for one Snackbox, and it is only open to Canadian residents.  We are unable to ship to the US at this time.  And, if you would like to subscribe to Snackbox, 4Mothers readers will get a $15 discount until Feb. 28th, 2014.  Just enter the coupon code 4MOTHERS when you sign up.


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