Debt Diet Alternative

no-685042_640The word diet makes me cringe because it implies a temporary fix: a quick solution to a bigger issue.  When the diet has run its course (and all diets do) the old habits regrettably return with a vengeance.

While I am not one for resolutions, I do want to live more simply and be more mindful when making decisions.  January seemed like as good a time as any to embrace this ideology.  I started off the month with a cell phone detox and now I am ready to turn my attention to the purse strings.

It’s unrealistic for me to renounce buying magazines, hot chocolate with my girlfriends and indulging in my monthly mani/pedi.  The experts can preach that I will save $60, $150 or even $300 per year and I don’t care.  These are things that bring me joy and make me smile.

But what I am doing is saying “no” more so I can say “yes” more.

  • I delete the emails that invade my in-box each morning trumpeting deep discounts at my favourite on-line retailers; saying “no” to clothing that I don’t need or frankly want after it’s arrived on my doorstep.
  • I dusted off my library card five months ago and I have read 23 books; saying “no” to a whopping tally from the bookstore and the need to make room on my already over-crowded bookshelves.
  • I have begrudgingly, at the prompting of my boys, cracked open the cookbooks an extra night of the week instating a family cooking night; saying “no” to our take-out night.

By saying “no”, I am not depriving myself any joy.  In fact, I am playing the long game, keeping my eye on the prize and saying “yes” to something greater and more meaningful.


8 thoughts on “Debt Diet Alternative

  1. I have recently left my ten year career… So, to make things work on our newly dwindled one income household, I have started saying yes to cooking about 5 nights a week, to my previous 1, even with my boys screaming, Nooooo! 😉

      • Why thank you so much. I’m honored that you read it! And yes.. My boys and husband have become like restaurant critics. “Oh mom, you need to write down how you made this, this time. Its waaaay better than last time.” Geesh! At least the baby doesn’t complain about mama’s cooking–yet 😉

  2. Great post! I have been looking for ways to cut back too, since I’ve been on maternity leave for about six months and only paid for about two of those months. Couponing and mapping out my shopping according to what stores have what has helped. I’ve also used my kindle to get a lot of books for free. I plan on hitting up the library this week as well! We’ve been able to get by and it shows me that I can live life on a smaller salary if necessary!

    • Isn’t it amazing when you make an effort, what you’re capable of? Whether it’s a food diet or a debt diet or making changes to your lifestyle, when your more mindful, it’s not work. Enjoy your maternity leave! Crazy times but looking back on those days they were great days!

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