At Issue Week: Kids and Manners

hands-769648_640“Good manners are appreciated as much as bad manners are abhorred.” Bryant H. McGill, Human Rights Activist

I feel like manners are a bit a like taste – everyone thinks what they have is good.  But in truth it’s much easier to overlook someone’s haircut, wallpaper choice or favourite movie, than it is to see past boorish behaviour, stingy thank yous and open-mouthed chewing.

It only takes walking out your front door or inviting the neighbourhood children in, and maybe a look at your own children (ugh, dinner time!) to realize that good manners are scarce.

Stacey Altamirano, a mom, wife and author of her eponymous blog wrote 25 Manners Every Kid Needs by Age 9 in June 2011.  It clearly struck a nerve because nearly three years later it continues to make the rounds on the web.

Where have all the manners gone?  Is it the job of parents to teach manners to our kids?  Should it be an overt lesson or is teaching by example and hoping for transference the way to go?  Is it more challenging for today’s parent to raise polite children in what appears to be a less polite society?  Or is our society polite enough?

What’s your take?


4 thoughts on “At Issue Week: Kids and Manners

  1. My kids (and I) always receive comments on how lovely their manners are, but there’s certainly some on that list that we need to work more on! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The best way I have found to teach kids respect – and thats what manners are really about – is to give them respect. I say please and thank you to kids. I listen to them. I ask them to do things. I have the rule that if it wouldn’t be acceptable to say it to an adult then don’t say it to child just because they can’t respond yet. Is my chils spoiled and obnoxious? Nope. We get compliments for his behaviour. So I must be doing something right with him.

  3. It is firstly the parents job to teach their child good manners, and avoiding bad ones, I treat my child the way I want him to treat others. Your child is what you do, if you lie to them, then you’re teaching them to lie, they will repeat you, if you want to raise a good person, you be a good one.

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