Manners, Boys

I’m a little … uptight about manners.  In fact, I’m so uptight that I am, ironically, not very polite to my kids when they have less than stellar manners.  Since I’m definitely a glass half empty kind of person when it comes to assessing my kids’  manners, my impolite calling them out happens fairly often.  Basically, I am regularly an obnoxious scold because my kids aren’t unfailingly polite.

Hmmmmm.  A case of the pot calling the kettle black.  I’m working on it.


The good news is that although I have a tendency to focus on the negative when it comes to their behaviour, we hear great things about our boys when they go visiting friends or relatives.   Practically every time they go somewhere, my parting words are, “Remember your manners, boys.”  Usually, when they are returned to me, I hear a variation of , “The kids were great.”  My Dad, who babysat the boys one long weekend recently and who would have no hesitation in telling me if the boys had misbehaved, said there wasn’t a single problem all weekend.

Hmmmmm.  So that obviously can’t be true, but it  was close enough to the truth I think he wanted to tell me:  Nobody’s perfect, but these kids did their best, and I have no complaints.

Nobody’s perfect; no complaints.  Perfectionist that I am, this is a middle ground I’d happily tread with no fear of hypocrisy or mediocrity.

8 thoughts on “Manners, Boys

  1. It’s tough. I am alway quick to correct my son when he forgets his manners but I forget to praise him enough when he does use them. I do think it’s an important thing for kids to learn, even though you have to relearn with them sometimes 🙂

  2. Hi. I found you some time ago, and have been enjoying reading along. Have you ever heard of the “Liebster Award”? It’s a blogger award for smaller blogs (which clearly you are not), but I wanted to award my five winners from the blogs I came across through the BlogHer challenge. I’d love it if you’d accept the challenge!

  3. Thanks for the blog. My son is hit or miss with manners at home but I always receive compliments from church and daycare about what a well-mannered child he is for his age ( 3). Lets me know I must be doing something right!

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