That’s Mrs. Manners to you!

imgres-2You might as well call me Mrs. Manners – not that mine are perfect (close) but I am the self-appointed manners prefect of the family.  When did kids stop using Mrs., anyway? Like Nathalie, I am not always polite about reminding my boys to use their manners but remind them, I do.

Some (cough, cough the boys) may call it nagging but I call it “constructive guidance”.  It sounds better.

Sit up straight.  Elbows off the table.   Use your utensils.

I also excel at something that I’ve coined “verbal coaching”.  Before leaving the house, going to someone’s house, entering a store, straying more than an arm’s length from me, I like to prompt the boys:

How do we greet people?  What do you say when you arrive?  How do you shake a hand?  What do you say when you leave?  Remember to look at the person when they are speaking to you.  Use your voice, don’t mumble.  Be polite.  Say please, thank you.

Sometimes my gentle reminders are met with an eyeball roll.  I am quick to point out that’s quite rude.

It’s exhausting work being Mrs. Manners in addition to my regular gig as Super Martyr Mom but no one said raising three young boys to be kind, respectful, thoughtful men was easy.

Receiving accolades as a parent is as rare as experiencing a day free from whining.  Spoiler alert: it never happens.  Yet when report cards are sent home, no amount of A’s will make me as proud as when I read how my boys are polite, considerate and courteous.

It’s like I have been graded, and I have passed.  For now.


imgres-1Cookie: Bite-Sized Life Lessons by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Have You Filled A Bucket Today?
by Carol Mccloud have been read many times over in our home and serve as fantastic tools for teaching manners and kindness to my boys.


2 thoughts on “That’s Mrs. Manners to you!

  1. I feel the same way. It’s nice to know what’s being taught at home is actually being applied at school. Speaking of report cards, they come home on Feb 12th. I’m wondering how I did 🙂

  2. I’m huge on manners too. My biggest struggle is how acceptable it is to call adults by their first name where I live. I grew up in the south where a lack of ma’am or sir etiquette would land you a hand upside the back of the head. My friends and even their parents encourage my four yr old to call them by their first names!!! It burns my ass to be honest but I am the minority for sure.

    I love it when I hear other people refer to my daughter as kind and polite. I definitely gloat a little.

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