Valentines Day Crafting – Sweet and Easy Bookmarks

Something has to be done about February, yes?  This short but immovable month that asserts spring is yet a good way away.  Enter Valentines Day, for we could do worse than a day dedicated to love  and friendship.

When love and friendship means 20 or 40 cards though, for all the kids at school and/or daycare, one must keep her head to keep Valentine’s Day fun rather than fanatical, especially when walking the homemade path.  I found the simplest solution this year, and homemade can’t get much easier or quick.

We made bookmarks made from paint chip strips.  Pretty, and possibly useful, if like us you actually use them in your reading!

Once you’ve picked up the colours shades that you like (I stuck with reds, but no need really), trim off the edge with the printed paint names (I did this, but an older child could too).  Punch a hole in one end, and string through some pretty ribbon or yarn.  Bonus:  kids love using a good hole punch.

My five year old focused his energies on writing out the names of the kids in his class, and we made some also for family members – which meant the little fellow was writing for a good while.  We used a Sharpie, as regular markers smudged off.  He wrote the names in one sitting, but he’ll be signing his own on the reverse in a second sitting.  (A key to successful crafting is pacing – know when to end a session – there’s always tomorrow.)

They’re simple , we “made” them and without further ado, the boy has a stack of Valentines worthy of the day.

A final word:  if, once you are seated at the table, your other child ditches your Valentines craft idea and decides to create this own from plain construction paper, then sit back and enjoy the virtues of being ignored.





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