Guest Post: Christine from Just Bella on Stylish Toy Storage

4Mothers is delighted to welcome Christine from just bella to share her tips on maximizing toy storage, while keeping it stylish. Christine, a soon-to-be mother of two, blogs about all things beautiful and is sure to put her own stylish twist on just about everything. Just check out these gold polka dot walls and you’ll be hooked on just bella too!


I admit it, before kids I was one of those people that said, “I’ll never let toys take over my house”. Ha! I’m surprised that every mom I talked to didn’t laugh directly in my face because, you know what, it happens. The toys slowly creep in and before you know it they are everywhere!

To keep the sanity I do my best to limit the amount we have and to use smart and stylish storage solutions. Just because you have all these bright, shiny, plastic things everywhere doesn’t mean you always have to look at them. You can find adorable and functional bins, baskets and buckets that make cleaning up easy and reduce the visual clutter. Here is a roundup of some stylish toy storage that will blend in with your existing (and grown up) decor, though I can’t promise the kiddos won’t dump them! You’re on your own in that department 😉

just bella pic 1

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Christine Shankowsky, just bella


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  1. I remember when I was pregnant with my first and it suddenly occurred to me that she was going to have toys. Lots of toys And the toys would be everywhere. I panicked! It wasn’t so bad at first, but yes, there are toys everywhere these days. And at 9 months pregnant, bending over to pick them up is almost impossible!!

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