Sweating Away The Winter Blahs With These Fitness Bloggers

training-828764_640It’s been an especially brutal winter for north easterners.  The snow is never ending, the temperatures frigid and the skies gloomy – much like most people’s mood.

Admittedly nothing but a thaw and a rise in the mercury will remedy my winter blahs and make my heart happy but a good work out and a hot bath are the closest runners-up.

Looking to break a sweat?  Visit some of my go-to fitness blogs for some inspiration.

The Fitnessista – a mom, a military wife and a certified fitness trainer.  Gina provides readers with detailed workouts for newbies and the hard-core contingent.

Bess Be Fit – features weekly workouts by the eponymous Bess.  Highlight: most workouts don’t require any equipment so there are no excuses!

Carla Birnberg – hailed by the celebrity trainers as an influential fitness blogger, Carla serves up the fitness and inspiration in equal doses.

Workout Mommy – the name says it all!

Blogilates – Casey Ho, certified trainer, peppers her blog with videos that are a must for any visual learner who doesn’t know the difference between a plank and a bridge.

Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown #1 (this youtube video is worth the watch)

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  1. I love it when moms encourage other moms to work out! That source of understanding and encouragement is so awesome! Thanks for the links!!

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