What’s In My Bag? A Whole Lot!

IMG_4279I love my over-sized tote, mostly because I am toting lots around at any given time.  Since it’s March break, my bag is looking a little empty.  There are usually a pair of ballerina flats tucked in for when I volunteer at the boys’ school, art work, notices, mail, snacks . . . and who knows what else?  Some times I surprise even myself.  Notably absent though, is a book/magazine.  I always carry around something to read but since we were stuck at home all day yesterday due to another snowstorm (yes, another!), I raided my bag for the latest issue of O magazine – one of my faves.

So what’s inside?


1.    Flashcards with the grade 1 Dolch words for my SK son (a great time waster while we wait to pick up his older brother).

2.    My sunnies, for the days when the temperature drops to negative one hundred but it’s deceptively sunny outside.

3.    A USB stick, it’s surprising how often this has come in handy.

4.     Gloves that I am hoping to get rid of any time now.


5.    An empty container and spoon that usually holds granola for my mid-morning snack.  I love this brand.

6.    Wet wipes.  I have kids, enough said.

7.    Epi-pen.  I never leave home without it.

8.   My purse within my purse so I don’t always have to carry everything with me.


9.   Hand cream, essential for surviving a Polar Vortex.

10. Hair clips, an attempt to tame my mane.

11.  Three lipsticks  – a nude, a gloss and a fiery red and a lip balm.


12.  My keys, a pen, ear buds and cough candies.

13. My exercise program alongside coupons for a fast food joint.  How’s that for two sides of a pancake?

IMG_4283PS – Where’s my phone you may ask?  I usually keep it in my coat pocket to avoid searching this bottomless pit!


11 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag? A Whole Lot!

  1. I am thoroughly impressed but not at all surprised that you don’t have any wrappers / scraps of paper in your purse! I have about 10 pens in my bag and two pads of papers.

  2. One pen?!? No partially completed “to do” lists?!?! I’m not sure we could be friends. Though, the exercise/food coupon combo is enough to make me overlook it.

    There is a lovely lady/small business in my neighborhood (Laura Bee Designs) that makes purses and bags. It’s only three blocks from our house, so I stop by more often than I should. They really are some of the best purses I’ve ever had. She made my (thankfully former) diaper bag, night out purse, and every day (lunch and book for the bus) bag. I love getting to design my own. http://www.laurabeedesigns.com/Big-Bags-Totes-c-2.html

    • I am a listaphile. My lists are always in places where my eye can easily scan. Bottomless pit? Not so much. You’re friend has some stylin’ totes. I would be broke if she were my friend.

  3. Lol love #13…I have right now in my oversized purse, coupons for Tropical Smoothie and also a Bed Bath n Beyond flyer to peruse.

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