Guest Blogger Sara Vartanian of Green Moms Collective: My best green tip? Saying “no” a little bit more in order to say “yes”!

light-bulb-930260_640In our on-demand world, I believe green living is slowing down enough to conscientiously connect to our choices.

It’s the decision to go back to my natural hair colour. Rather than quarterly visits to fix my roots, I’m only battling the few sneaky grey hairs that are starting to appear. I see my hairdresser less but luxuriate in the time spent much more.

It’s spending a messy afternoon in a sunlit kitchen with two small boys discovering the magic of making natural dye from beets, mixing up big bowls of colourful playdough.

It’s instituting a family bake day, making package free snacks for the school week.

Being green is asking for a reusable mug at the coffee shop, trusting I’ll spend enough time talking to my friend or simply sitting with my own thoughts, knowing that I’ll not need to take it to go.

It’s organizing myself to schedule waxing in advance at my favourite eco-beauty spa rather than wait until unruly eyebrows force me to comprise by going elsewhere.

It’s finding myself a local seamstress who patches our jeans, sews missing buttons, and repair snags preventing me from tossing out a favourite pair of pants and buying a new.

It’s deciding not to use conventional perfumes because of their questionable ingredients but rather crafting my very own scent with an aromatherapist in her little downtown studio.

It’s the anticipation of summer park nights. Where we choose produce at our favourite farmers market and eat “park pizza” made in brick ovens within the park and served on reusable plates. It’s sticky hands from fresh peaches before building bridges and moats in a watery mud pit with children who used to be strangers.

As I find myself a few years out from 40, speeding through a self-made checklist, I’ve come to know the unexpected gift that green living has brought me: the joy of decisions big on heart and easy on our earth.

My green tip? I encourage you to practice saying “No” a little bit more in order to say yes to the choices that matter to us all.

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