At Issue: To Keep or Toss

living-room-457793_640It seems in the past few years there has been a “de-clutter movement”.  Perhaps it is the Oprah Effect.  In the final years of her eponymous show Australian organizational guru Peter Walsh was a regular and would routinely lecture on the benefits of a tidy living space without any extraneous clutter.  His 6 books, DVD and App help us, the lay people, turn the clutter and chaos of our homes, room by room, into a calm, peaceful place that promises to restore some balance to our lives.

TLC and various cable networks have added shows about hoarding, extreme collections and couponing to their line-up while countering with interior design programming and home makeovers.

The real question though is, what exactly constitutes clutter?  Is one person’s crap another’s precious memento?  Is there a dried corsage for every high school dance you attend 20 years ago buried away in your closet or do you quite happily toss the program from that Broadway show as you walk out of the theatre?

Kathryn Laskaris recently wrote, Why I can’t throw anything away: Days Like These for the Toronto Star.  Her witty and thought-provoking piece serves as inspiration for this week’s At Issue.

Our guest for this week is urban, green mom of two little boys, Sara Vartanian.  Sara is the founder of Green Moms Collective, where she helps moms to take simple steps to add green living practices into their family’s lives through eco-consulting and workshops. If she’s not on Twitter talking all things green, she can be found wandering the city’s green spaces and farmers markets with her family.

Join the conversation and let us know what you think!  Are you a mild hoarder?  Do you prefer the term “keeper of memories”?  Maybe you’re more inclined to break out in hives at the sight of a chotchkies?  Let us know!