It’s Finally Time to Use the Gift Certificates

meal-918638_640Years ago (could it be as many as three?!) my husband gave me the best Mother’s Day gift ever: a gift certificate from a caterer for three family meals to be delivered to the house.  Words cannot express the delight I felt.  Having dinner cooked for me and mine is almost as good as a date night when I don’t have to feed my offspring at all.

I treasured those gift certificates.  I held on to them, banking them against a day when I would Really Need Them.  They sat in my in-box and sent off a submarine-like ping to my subconscious: help is always on hand.

The thing is, by the time you are up to your eyeballs in the kind of turmoil that makes a day when You Really Need Them, the gift certificates aren’t much good anyway.  Because ordering from a caterer requires Advanced Planning.

And another thing: I began to look on the gift certificates, not as a blessing that would free me from preparing dinner, but as a manifestation of my having reached Rock Bottom.  They went from being an ace up my sleeve to being something more like a lifeline, a lifeline that was a sign that I was drowning.  I don’t like to think about drowning or needing saving or Rock Bottom, so I did not use them.

In fit of spring-induced energy, I finally, finally tackled the towering pile of papers in my office, and in amongst them was the gift certificate, and I decided, it’s time.

I don’t need saving.  I am not drowning.  I am not at rock bottom.  But I do intend to give myself a week off from dinner preparation before the next Mother’s Day comes along.  A delightful gift, pure and simple.  Spending it out.


8 thoughts on “It’s Finally Time to Use the Gift Certificates

  1. Having just read Carol’s post re the 5 Love Languages, it occurred to me that a gift certificate like this would be perfect for someone like me (who loves to give & receive presents) to give someone who appreciates acts of service! Thanks for the idea!

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