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Kristina Cerise, author of one of our favourite blogs Defining Motherhood and previous guest poster, has invited us to participate in a blog hop asking bloggers why we write.  This theme is right up our alley; as some of you may know, the 4 mothers of 4Mothers met in a memoir writing class about motherhood, and writing has been in our lives in one way or another for quite some time.

So we are more than ready to jump in and join this blog hop, we’ll be sharing this week the ins and outs of why and how we write.  We’ve been offered the following questions as a framework:

Why do I write what I do?

How is my writing different from others in my genre?

What am I working on/writing?

How does my writing process work?

Which means, quite possibly, that some people consider blog writing a genre, which I think I’ll go off and ponder for a bit.

We’d also like to introduce the bloggers who accepted our invitation to continue this blog hop and keep the conversation going.  Without further ado, please meet:


Jhanis, self-described “grunge mom” of The Vanilla Housewife, blogging from all the way over in Cebu, Philippines.  Jhanis writes about mothering and life in general, which special attention paid to the vital nerve centre of the home, also known as the kitchen.  If you’re looking for fun, varied musings as well as some great recipes, it’s time to pay this blog a visit.



From the Philippines to Australia: one of the wonderful things about writing on-line is discovering just how small the world is.  Our next blog hopper, Pip Marks, writes about environmental and social sustainability.  I particularly enjoyed this post about walls and fences in Australia.  It was lovely to see the dry stone walls from my Yorkshire childhood appear in photos from Australia.  Like I said, small world.

Hop over and check them out!


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