Blogging: A Creative Practice

blog-372771_640Why Do I Write What I Do

Currently, my writing is almost exclusively blogging because it’s something I can actually do.  Blog posts can be long and well-written, or short and sweet, or a caption, which makes them possible.  I have written all my life in many different permutations, but blogging is the only form of writing that I have consistently done for years at a time and felt good about.

For 4Mothers, I write to express musings in my head, and sometimes a beat of my heart, as they seem to want to get out of the spaces from which they came.  I also write for the comraderie, both the online community conversation around mothering, and the in-person friendship with my co-writers, who I love.

What am I Working On/Writing

I’m working on showing up.  I’ve been blogging for five years (I also write a private blog), and sometimes my mind wanders, or it becomes tempting to think that maybe I don’t need to write these journal entries as much as I do.  But blogging is a creative practice – and although it hasn’t led to more writing (yet), I’m quite sure it was an opening to a more creative, fulfilled, mindful life.  I feel good a lot of the time, and I don’t want to take for granted the very practice that has enabled that.

How does my work/writing differ from others of its genre

Is blogging a genre…?

How does my writing process work?

Sometimes the words form involuntarily in my head and require release; sometimes I have to nudge them out.  Mostly, for the journal writing that is blogging, I just write what I want and apart from some editing, I don’t fret about it too much.  This is a lot different than the other writing I’ve done in the past, which involved a lot of hand-wringing.

I think that’s why I like blogging so much – it’s such a non-judgmental form of expression.  I just thought of an analogy between the more formal modes of writing I’ve done and blogging:  it’s like the difference between ballet, which I did when I was younger, and yoga, which I do now.  Ballet was brilliant sometimes – putting all my concentration and mental and physical energy into my body and how it moved was all-encompassing.  All striving, all Art.  It also made me feel perpetually unsatisfactory; I never felt near to good enough and neither did anybody else.  Now I practice – not do, but practice – yoga.  It doesn’t have the sheen of dance, but it feels wonderful both during and after, promoting a sense of well-being as opposed to inadequacy.  The focus isn’t on being good, but on being there.  Like yoga, blogging helps me get “there”, where I want to be, and so I practice it.


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  1. “Like yoga, blogging helps me get “there”, where I want to be, and so I practice it.” Perfect analogy. I love that we get to share in it.

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