The Smell of Baby

You all know I’m nuts about perfume.  I’ve sought out perfume that smells like paperbacks, perfume that smells like a library, perfume that smells like paper, perfume that smells like a specific scene in a Henry James novel.

So that’s the bibliophile in me covered.

My most recent craze was a perfume made by a famous perfumer for his beloved, and kept private for his entire lifetime.

That’s the incurable romantic in me covered.

What about my maternal side?

Hold on to your hats, perfume lovers, because there is now a room fragrance that smells like baby!  Antica Farmacista has a new room fragrance, simply named Baby.  They sent me a sample, and I set it up last week, and it is making my house smell gorgeous.  This is my first experience with an oil and diffuser room scent.  I have always used candles for room fragrance, but after trying this one, I’m a convert to diffusers.

“But what does it smell like?”, you ask.  It smells warm, clean, white and soft.  I get powder, a very light floral, honey and vanilla.  It smells like a baby fresh out of the bath, wrapped in a warm, white towel.  It is the kind of thing that makes me marvel at the horizons of human invention.


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