Summer To-Do

imgresBeing a contributor to this blog has given me the opportunity to meet fearless women charting new paths for themselves.  I am always slightly envious of these women who jump into passion projects where they are pushed out of their comfort zones, learn new skills and ultimately carve out a business.  The Doodle Post, Playjamas, Baby Robin’s Nest and Mail A Tale have all been recently feature on 4Mothers.

Last week I met with two mothers who for years would joke with each other while passing in the schoolyard about starting up a business together when their kids started school full-time.  Much more quickly than they thought, reality was upon them and they were faced with a much quieter house during the hours of 9 am – 3 pm.

Armed with coffee and a notebook they sat down one morning to cultivate one of their ideas: pre-made care packages for kids at camp.

Notably absent in the Canadian market, Sarah Barbour and Josie Bohm set out to check one thing off mom’s busy summer to-do list.  With a few clicks of the mouse, a personalized care package can be en route to camp; eliminating the hours spent traversing from store to store looking for just the right items that are also approved by the camp’s sometimes-strict rules.  What’s even better? No more standing in the line-up at Canada Post while struggling with the hassle of packing the loot into the best-fit box.  A busy mother-of-a-camper’s dream come true!

Parcelled with Love is a project of love.  Barbour and Bohm have logged countless hours scouting toy shows and researching suppliers to ensure the best quality items fill their care packages.  And their kids have given their picks a stamp of approval!

Having grown-up spending their summers at camp, both women value the experience of being campers: forging friendships, building confidence, testing limits and trying new things.  Their experiences have meant so much to them, that Parcelled with Love has partnered with Amici Camping Charity, a charity committed to sending children to camp year after year until they are too old to be a camper or until the financial need longer exists.  With every care package purchased through Parcelled with Love, a percentage of the proceeds are donated to Amici Camping making Barbour and Bohm’s dream to make a child a life-long camper a reality.

Visit Parcelled with Love and pre-order your summer care package today and make a Canadian kid a real happy camper!