My Ride

I do not actually drive; I have epilepsy, which means no driving the family van.  This is the gorgeous man who drives it:


and this is our car:


We live downtown, and we only have street parking.  This is usually fine, but on a Friday or Saturday night, when neighbours are hosting dinner parties, we sometimes have to park a block or more away from home.  This is especially annoying in winter with hockey gear.  First world problems.

This is where the hockey gear goes:



Note the hockey puck.  We are never far from a hockey puck, even in June.

Some people live in their cars.  We do not.  I walk almost everywhere that’s kid-related–school, playschool, after school activities, playdates, movies, parks–or I take the TTC when things take us further afield.  But where the van really comes into its own is in hockey season and on our annual drive out east.  The van is packed to the rafters and beyond, with a bike carrier on the back and a rooftop carrier on the top.  The thing that keeps me sane on the trip is the DVD player.  The kids stay plugged in to dvds for almost the whole ride, and my husband and I get hours of uninterrupted conversation.  It’s really quite blissful.

This is the gum that we periodically buy for the kids to have in the car.  This is the gum that we then have to listen to them chew and smack and pop.  This is the gum we almost always regret buying.


The gum occupies two cup holders.  There are 15 cup holders in the car.  It seats seven.  Possibly, car designers are thirsty people.  I’ve never managed to make use of more than one cup holder.  This is my side of the car:



It’s the only space in my life that is clutter-free.



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